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Service at the Core: RS2 Adds SaaS capabilities

November 17, 2020

Cost savings. Network security. Remote management. Big rewards. We’re doubling down on our commitment to service to our customers and partners by offering Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) for our Access It! Universal.NET.

Built on the trusted technology that has continued to be an industry favorite, Access It! was designed from the ground up with the end user in mind, making it the most user-friendly access control software on the market today. True to that service-based approach, the SaaS version allows seamless control and the freedom to choose the kind of server that works for each customer — no matter what their needs are.

But what are the other benefits? We’ve got you covered:

Cost savings. For many companies, internal IT teams are overloaded with support for the overall organization, which means security-related deployments can take up valuable time and resources to be executed. Using the SaaS approach to access control creates a cost savings by pushing the responsibility out to a service provider that can remotely manage the ongoing maintenance and updates to the system, which leads us to…

Remote management. SaaS services can be managed by your team anywhere, anytime, which means you are in the driver’s seat to grant and restrict access and permissions, delegate functions to other team members, or manage the day-to-day activities that a busy organization must undertake to have an effective access management program. RS2’s SaaS services also allow for the remote management by your systems integrator to help with faster response times and easier troubleshooting of issues with a simple call. Now, our integrator partners don’t have to send technicians on a service call to ensure the system is up and running.

Network security. At the core of today’s organizations is a need to protect valuable data from outside breaches and threats. And one way this is possible is by bolstering the technology used. SaaS is built with cyber security in mind, meeting a number of stringent compliance protocols (like ISO 9001, SOC 2 Type II, SOC 3, PCI-DSS and HIPPA), hosted in SAS Type II, audited, Tier 4 Data Centers. This, with a whole host of other benefits, bring SaaS to the forefront of data protection.

Flexibility. SaaS really is a great option for a service-minded approach, shifting the expense of up-front capital expenditures to more operating costs. This eases the strain on yearly end-user budgets and provides additional recurring monthly revenue (RMR) for our integrator partners.

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