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Streamline and modernize critical access and security management with powerful access control and identity solutions by RS2. Access It! Universal latest version comes with powerful new tools that enhance security, including passwordless multi-factor authentication.

Passwordless authentication is making its way to the top of the requirements list due to its streamlined identity and access control. Eighty-one percent of breaches today include a weak or stolen password, and passwords continue to be the number one target of cybercriminals.

Cyber Secure access control is simpler thank you think!

RS2 is proud to offer bundled software solutions based on razberi™ servers and including the most recent release of Access It! Universal, to enable customers to achieve higher levels of resilience, management, and deployment across their infrastructures.

Customers are increasingly seeking a standardized platform on which to deploy integrated IoT and security applications. RS2 is extending its relationships with leading technology partners, including razberi and Salient Systems to deliver consolidated solutions on a single server platform.

Access It! Universal 8.2 continues RS2’s commitment to innovation that makes security easy to implement and manage.

Powerful automation features like Auto-update, modern authentication tools, secure migration pathways from on-prem to SaaS, and the much-anticipated integration update to Salient’s CompleteView for enhanced video management are all part of the latest upgrade.

There’s little in this world that’s more critical than communication. Not communicating says a lot, and in a crisis, it makes a significant difference. RS2 is proudly partnered with Zenitel to empower a future where innovative solutions in communications are standard.

We’re proud of the fact that we are focused on creating an open and flexible technology platform that empowers expansion and flexibility. That is one of the reasons why our partner network is so critically important to us. Our integration with Dormakaba offers efficient wireless access control technology options for a wide range of customers and applications.

Industries across the globe have pivoted their business strategies to adjust to the coronavirus pandemic. Working in an office full time has become a thing of the past, as companies strive to provide remote work options to reduce the spread of coronavirus and keep employees healthy.

But what about protecting the medical professionals who are tasked with treating sick individuals?

RS2 Technologies is determined to make security accessible to everyone and is proud to announce the availability of free mobile credentials with ACT ID, for its innovation-rich platforms, such as Access It!

Universal.NET. ACT ID has been made possible by RS2’s partnership with WaveLynx Technologies, allowing RS2 to provide its customers with secure access via mobile phone.

Cost savings. Network security. Remote management. Big rewards. We’re doubling down on our commitment to service to our customers and partners by offering Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) for our Access It! Universal.NET.

Designed from the ground up with the end user in mind, it’s the most user-friendly access control software on the market today.

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For the dynamic security space, leaving anything to chance is too much of a risk. Your people, your brand, your community matter. For when it all matters, trust the team at RS2 Technologies to bring together the most open-platform in Access Security and best in breed products and services to create a welcoming, cost effective, and secure environment for all your most valuable assets.
Discover the difference with our Open Software Platform, Hardware Solutions, and Powerful integrations to put it all together.