Intrusion Detection.

Features & Benefits

  • Use a single, consistent graphical interface for both the access control system and the intrusion detection system
  • Video playback on demand or tied to alarm/event time and data
  • Monitor intrusion events and alarms via the access control system
  • Execute access control system tasks based on intrusion events or alarms
  • Record alarm event data in the access control system events database
  • Control day-to-day intrusion detection system operations (arming/disarming zones, etc.) via Access It!®
  • Locate and review alarms through Access It!®’s Reports function

Product Description

Intrusion detection is an essential part of a comprehensive security plan, and RS2 works with leading suppliers of this technology to integrate access control and intrusion detection systems so that all elements can communicate on the same network.

Sharing critical data between access control and intrusion detection allows operators to seamlessly associate intrusion alarms with access control events, in addition to the features and benefits listed above.

Access Control + Intrusion Detection = A Winning Combination

Users can configure any number of intrusion detection components into an integrated Access Control and Intrusion Detection system through the same Local Area Network. Monitoring of intrusion events and control of specific areas and zones are all accomplished within the same system.

Intrusion Detection Integration Partners