Integrated Locksets.

Features & Benefits

  • Significant reduction in hardware cost & labor costs
  • Simplify project management
  • Easy installation in hard-to-wire locations
  • Ability to actively monitor all Events & Alarms
  • No need to travel to the door to update database or retrieve history

Product Description

RS2 Technologies has partnered with the leading suppliers of Wireless/IP Locksets to provide users with integrated Access Control and Wireless/IP Lockset systems in which all elements communicate over the same network. By integrating RS2’s powerful Access It! software and hardware with Wireless and IP Locksets from our valued integration partners, users can extend the reach of their access control systems through their existing wireless and IP infrastructure and realize great benefits!

Access Control + Wireless/IP = A Winning Combination! Users can configure any number of doors into an integrated Access Control and Wireless/IP Lockset system through the same Local Area Network. Systems can consist of any combination of wireless, PoE (Power-over-Ethernet), and traditional wired doors.

Integrated Locksets Categories