DVR/NVR Partners.

Features & Benefits

  • Display cameras from graphical display maps
  • Video playback on demand or tied to alarm/event time and data
  • Full PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera control
  • Live camera view on demand
  • IP camera support
  • Simple GUI interface for faster incident investigations
  • Search video and export evidence material

Product Description

RS2 Technologies partners with a number of the leading DVR and NVR manufacturers to provide users with integrated access control and digital video recording systems that allow all elements to communicate on the same network.

Access Control + Digital Video Recording = A Winning Combination

Users can configure any number of components into an integrated Access Control and Digital Video Recording system through the same Local Area Network. Camera control and display, video search/playback, and video processing are all accomplished within the same system.

Digital Video Recording (DVR/NVR) Integration Partners

Powerfully integrated systems start with powerful integration partners. RS2 has partnered with a number of the leading manufacturers of DVRs, NVRs, CCTV and intercom systems, wireless/IP locks, and intrusion detection panels, as well as with companies offering employee and visitor management systems and other access control products that can add value to our systems.