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Making access security accessible to everyone through innovative solutions built to be flexible and scalable for virtually every industry.

From small businesses to large campuses and hospitals to government-grade installations, RS2’s customizable solutions have been implemented across the world thanks to the ease of use, low cost of ownership and 24-hour in house support and services.

Explore stories of how we’ve served each of these markets with the right access control solutions for complex needs.

Access Security for Every Industry

Our broad customer base includes success stories in the education, healthcare, manufacturing, government, financial/banking, police/correctional facilities, houses of worship, transportation and utility/energy industries.


From K-12 schools to large university campuses, RS2 Technologies has extensive knowledge of the unique day-to-day challenges that these entities face. Lockdown functionality, the ability to manage thousands of cardholders, video integration, and the integration with other security systems is an integral part of making education facilities safer for students, teachers and visitors.


Regulatory compliance and the ability to secure highly trafficked facilities are two primary challenges of the government sector. RS2 works with local, state and federal agencies to provide long-term and scalable solutions that protect critical assets from potential threats, balancing the needs of both employees and visitors in a meaningful way.


Hospitals and healthcare facilities require robust access control and visitor management to protect patients, staff, physicians, and expensive equipment, not to mention restrict access to restricted areas or pharmaceuticals. These organizations must protect the most vulnerable among us and that begins with robust access control.

  • Haywood Regional Medical Center
  • Palm Beach County Health Department
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Safety is a core concern for factories and manufacturing facilities — whether it’s the safety of the people working the line or that of the intellectual property being protected. This begins and ends with ensuring access levels are managed properly, that workers can have access to where they need to go when they need to be there, and keeping outside threats from becoming a detriment to the process.


We serve a diverse array of industries

RS2 builds agile software solutions to help manage and automate your unique security needs custom fit for every industry with security and ease at the core. Whether you have a single door site or are managing complex facilities across the globe, we are industry experts curating security solutions that work.

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