Readers & Credentials.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy integration in hard-to-wire locations
  • Integrate multiple types of readers into an access control software solution
  • Streamlined configuration and setup
  • Simplified event management and identification
  • Customized approach to credentialing for your organization

Product Description

RS2 Technologies provides a number of options to allow customers to customize their access control with easy integration into our best-in-class access control software solutions, such as Access It! Universal.NET.

From fully mobile to assigned smart cards, your options are open!

You have the freedom to choose from a variety of readers & credentials types with Access It! Universal.NET’s powerful open platform architecture.

  • Cards – Allowing for keyless entry to high-sensitivity areas, RS2 can equip your business with the right choice for your needs.
  • Display Terminals – Biometrics are making their way into the access control realm in a big way and we can help you get there.
  • Magnetic Stripe – RS2 has a number of magnetic stripe cards to meet your customized needs.
  • Mobile & Handheld – Our mobile credentials options bring the power of your smartphone to your access control plan.
  • pivClass – RS2 has multiple options for our customers looking for the highest levels of security in their facility.
  • Proximity – Elevate your contactless access control with a number of proximity card options.
  • Smart Cards – Add more protection for your facility by using built-in multiprocessor technology in our smart card options.
  • Wireless – Wireless/IP locksets allow users to extend the reach of their access control systems through their existing wireless and IP infrastructure.

Product List