City of Maitland, Florida.

Maitland PD Nabs RS2's Access It! for Access Control

  • Industry: Government
  • Customer: City of Maitland, Florida
  • Integrator: Commercial Systems Group
  • Solution: Access It! Universal
  • Requirements: Enterprise-level GUI and command & control for integrated access control and video surveillance platform with fire alarm interface
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The City of Maitland, Florida officially opened its new Police Department headquarters on November 19, 2009. The new facility includes certified holding facilities, evidence processing, secure parking and prisoner transfer facilities, all supported by up-to-date equipment and technology. The new station is hardened against hurricane and high-wind damage and has a generator capable of sustaining full operations support for 72 hours without refueling.

A requirement for the new Police HQ facility was that it needed to be an enterprise-level, integrated security solution with GUI command and control, with the ability to be cost-effectively expanded to other city facilities. The answer was RS2’s Access It!® Universal access control software, which included central ID badging, door access control and video integration. Operating a certified holding and prisoner transfer facility required that the software control interlocking gates, rollup and “mantrap” doors.

According to Bill McEachnie, Deputy Chief of Police, “The RS2 system provides the City of Maitland’s new Police Headquarters an enterprise level security platform with intuitive access control and video surveillance that is state-of-the-art and effective while remaining user friendly.”

Government and Public Entity facilities are a significant market for RS2. In addition to the City of Maitland, RS2 access control systems can be found in Federal, state, and local government facilities from Tacoma, Washington to Washington, D.C.

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