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Protecting Medical Professionals in the Age of Coronavirus

July 12, 2020

Industries across the globe have pivoted their business strategies to adjust to the coronavirus pandemic and the new way of life that accompanies it. Working in an office full time has become a thing of the past, as companies strive to provide remote work options to reduce the spread of coronavirus and keep employees healthy.

But what about medical professionals who are tasked with treating sick individuals?

Screening patients outside the hospital is the first area where human-to-human contact can be limited. Rather than having a person standing outside to screen patients, which involves asking questions about symptoms, recent travel, and contact with infected individuals, hospitals can instead use technology. For example, utilizing an intercom station can reinforce social distancing while simultaneously allowing for both audio and video communication.

How can security directors ensure doctors and nurses are as protected as possible? The answer is technology.

Doctors and nurses must also be able to check on their patients; but at the same time, limiting exposure to potentially infected patients is vital in keeping medical professionals and other patients safe. There’s also a challenge in that this communication cannot be one-way: quarantined patients must be able to contact staff, but touching stations can easily lead to contamination. Once again, the technology provided by an intercom station could be the key to providing exceptional patient care, while also keeping people safe.

The potential of technology to aid in limiting the spread of coronavirus doesn’t stop there! Check out this webinar, in partnership with Zenitel, to learn how their solutions, paired with RS2, can assist in limiting the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19.