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New Year, New Version: Access It! 9.0

January 11, 2022

Stronger performance, more agility, and enhanced security are just the start with Access It! Version 9.0 

The world of security is evolving at breakneck speeds, now keeping pace isn’t an option, getting ahead is the only way to protect what matters most. With the release of Access It! 9.0 you will unlock powerful new performance upgrades, advanced security features, enhanced user experience, and harness the most agile access control environment built to take on any challenge. Access It! provides businesses with an access control solution to fit their specific business and security requirements. Whether it is a single building or support for thousands of employees in a multi-region, multi-server system, Access It! delivers a level of scalability and customization that enables customers to select the features they need to build a comprehensive, cost-effective design.

The new 9.0 version brings a wide range of new features to address the need for critical access control management that supports digital transformation efforts. This update is part of RS2’s dedication to enhancing access control, security, and IoT device management and configuration, enabling end customers to get the most benefit from their investments.

Let’s take a look at some of the new features and functionality and get your system updated today!

Stronger Performance

  • More Memory
  • Faster Processing
  • Stronger Security

Enhanced Authentication 

  • Bearer Token Authentication
  • Federated Identity Management 
  • Zero-Trust Security 

Expand Access Control 

  • Access Control on the Edge
  • No Wiring Required 
  • Full Access Control on Padlocks, Cylinders, Cabinets, and more!

Enhanced Data Tools

  • RESTful API GET – Data Source
  • Integrate to New Data Sources
  • No Programming Needed

All The Access, None of Limits

  • SaaS – Cloud-Based Access
  • Plug & Play Cyber Secure Servers
  • On-Prem Access Control
  • Full Access Control on Web Client

Learn more about this release, reach out to your local RS2 integration partner or contact us today!