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Unboxing the latest version of Access It!

April 14, 2022

Good things just keep coming! The latest version of Access It! (9.1) has just been released, and it’s packed with all kinds of noteworthy updates. From unique, powerful integrations, enterprise-grade scalability opportunities, and updates for user experience to ensuring GDPR compliance, it’s all now available in Access It! 9.1.

Here are a few of our favorite new features:

Integration with Fargo Connect: Access It! is now compatible with FARGO Connect, a cloud-based ID card printing solution from HID Global. This integration helps manage credentials more effectively and cost-efficiently. Enabling organizations to print and encode a smart card onsite or link the card number digitally, this new offering is revolutionizing access control management. Learn more about FARGO Connect here!

Aperio IP Hub Support: With Access It! 9.1, our software is now compatible with Aperio hub systems for a cost-effective solution to integrate wireless locks. While the previous hub needed to be hardwired, this update now allows for communication over online networks. Supporting up to 64 readers over the network, this integration helps to expand access control options around the nation.

Enhanced GDPR Data Tools:  This update allows us to give integrators and end-users the tools they need to be GDPR compliant. By adding the ability to automatically configure system and card events, we can ensure that a cardholder’s data is automatically deleted after a given amount of time to ensure that individuals with temporary access to certain areas do not retain access after their time is up. This feature is vital in European nations that must adhere to stringent regulations.

Enterprise System Enhancements: Now with even faster built-in event processing, Access It! 9.1 can view all events across combined databases and quickly track events and alarms. A new search bar helps to pinpoint specific cards and actions, as well as robust and detailed map functions. We can also automatically rebuild database indexes on a schedule, as well as enhance SCP event processing to run larger sites more efficiently.

Map Search bar:  We are enhancing the user experience for large systems and creating a more simplified approach with the new Map search bar. Access It! 9.1 empowers large enterprises to search and map out specific buildings and floors with a lot more ease.

To view the Access It! 9.1 release notes, click here. Interested in getting an upgrade? Please contact your Access It! Regional Sales Manager or contact your authorized Access It! Integrator today!