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The Power of Bundled Security Solutions

September 30, 2021

Who doesn’t get excited when products are bundled together—Happy Meal, anyone? And who can forget the iconic theme, “Double your pleasure, double your fun, with Doublemint gum.” Not that advertising slogans or McDonald’s have anything to do with security, but the concept of doubling up has been around for decades and is widely accepted by the market. 

From software bundles to hardware couplings, manufacturers across the world are combining product offerings. Bundles can target specific industry needs, security challenges, and scalability requirements. Simplifying the process, solution, and vendor can help in several ways: 

Streamlined Security
Protecting your people, property, and assets requires technology that works together seamlessly. By investing in bundled solutions, users can have peace of mind that the joint products (and services) will work together to streamline efficiency.

Faster Implementation
Without having to invest in one-off SDKs and expensive integrations, using multiple solutions from one vendor will save time on research and allow integrators to deploy faster. The sooner the new security system is up and running, the sooner the team can continue operations.

Initial technology implementation is essential, but if you’re like most companies, you’re thinking about growth. A bundled solution gives businesses the ability to expand, upgrade, add complexity, and scale with new features and services in the future. 

Cost Savings
Looking for price leverage? Bundling always provides a more affordable option. 

That’s why RS2 is offering bundled software solutions based on razberi™ servers and including the most recent release of Access It! Universal enables customers to achieve higher levels of resilience, management, and deployment across their infrastructures.

Customers are increasingly seeking a standardized platform on which to deploy integrated IoT and security applications. RS2 extends its relationships with leading technology partners, including razberi and Salient Systems, to deliver consolidated solutions on a single server platform. By integrating RS2’s access control software and other applications on razberi’s proven server solutions, an organization can reduce deployment risk, time to value, and integration cost.

The intuitive and simple-to-deploy bundled platforms deliver network optimization, cybersecurity, and remote health monitoring. The razberi platform replaces traditional servers, storage devices, network switches, and camera power supplies with a single appliance designed for IP video recording. With embedded software from RS2, the solution is transformed into integrated security management that offers out-of-the-box video surveillance and access control functionality.