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The Ongoing Battle Between Security and Convenience

October 29, 2021

We all need to feel safe and secure. Along with that, we want our safety to be streamlined and straightforward. How can we accomplish both? For many of us security professionals, we understand that there is an unspoken battle going on between security and convenience. To have maximum protection, one must sacrifice convenience. Comprehensive security systems are more costly to manage and require significant time commitments to deploy and maintain. On the contrary, to build an open and welcoming environment without the security obstacles staring you in the face, you’ll have to sacrifice features that might increase risk and enhance liability. 

With modern technology on the rise, organizations can now have both the security they need with the convenience to operate in a friendly manner. Today’s innovation is creating more secure ways to authenticate people and grant access in an ultra-convenient way. Biometric devices with simple contactless enrollment, mobile-enabled credentialing, innovative people and weapons sensors, and similar technology dominate the market today. Even with all the latest advancements, there is still a critical piece missing for security operations today: flexibility. 

Many manufacturers wish there could be a standard, “cookie-cutter” solution for streamlining security and access management. However, each organization and each location have dynamic roles and requirements. This means that every security system needs to have the flexibility to adapt and change with a customer’s ongoing security demands. Not every door requires multi-factor authentication; not every person accessing the building needs to be in a high security or high-risk area, so why would you treat them all the same? 

Leveraging open and unified platforms readily available on the market, like Access It! Universal by ACRE, users can configure their systems to match unique security requirements and be confident they can stand the test of time. These solutions offer built-in tools to quickly adjust to the changing environment and future challenges, leaving organizations prepared rather than reactive. The open architecture at the core provides the ultimate flexibility to deploy a variety of cutting-edge devices to manage access without compromising security or convenience. 

Imagine you can build your security infrastructure around any door or area of a building based on the unique aspects of each site and person. And you can do this with a simple glance, a tap of a card, a wave of a hand, or even the use of a phone, all while maintaining top-level security. Now, that’s simple, convenient, and where real innovation takes place. It’s not a vision; this is our reality. ACRE offers the tools to secure locations conveniently with our flexible solutions. An open, simple, and secure unified experience is possible; it’s time to experience it yourself.