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Simpler, More Cyber Secure Access Control at Your Fingertips with Passwordless Authentication

September 14, 2021

RS2 delivers various access control and identity solutions designed to streamline and modernize critical access and security management. Our flagship solution, Access It! Universal, is an adaptable access control solution that easily fits a magnitude of business and security requirements. Launched earlier this year, Access It! version 8.2 is packed with powerful new database tools and enhanced security features that can scale to any organization’s needs. 

One of the latest features introduced in the new version is passwordless multi-factor authentication. What does that mean for you and how does it work? Passwordless authentication is making its way to the top of the requirements list due to its streamlined identity and access control. Passwords remain a weakness for anyone trying to secure physical access to a building and customer and corporate data. Eighty-one percent of breaches today include a weak or stolen password, and passwords continue to be the number one target of cybercriminals.

For security and IT departments, passwords are a burden in multiple ways. First, passwords must be stored securely, with the ability to retrieve lost passwords on demand. Second, if you are responsible for keeping all of the passwords, you are also tasked with supporting them. That often means handling password resets that flood the department and delay business. The list goes on, however, outlines why organizations are moving away from passwords and opting for a world of “passwordless” authentication.

How does it all work? 

Passwordless authentication is a type of multi-factor authentication (MFA). It replaces standard passwords with a more secure authentication factor, such as a fingerprint or digital PIN number. With MFA, two or more factors are required for verification, making access more secure and user-friendly. 

If you think about having multi-factor authentication, you can envision multiple layers of protection for access. First, you have the physical lock that barricades the building or database. Next, you would have a unique digital code or “key” to open that lock. Using industry-leading applications like Google, Authy, or Microsoft Authenticator Apps, users can enter a verification code to gain access. On the other hand, security professionals can easily monitor all activity associated with the individual’s secure account to ensure safety and compliance. 

Freedom and security with passwordless authentication. 

Today, most passwordless authentication protocols rely on the FIDO2 standard (which encompasses the WebAuthn and the CTAP standards). Using this standard, passwordless authentication can lessen the support role of IT and security departments from the burden of securing passwords. Why? Because now each of the individual users, or employees, can generate new digital keys to open the lock and ensure authentication. As multi-factor and passwordless authentication evolve, more organizations will move to this secure platform. WIth Access It! Universal, customers can get more robust security with more options to manage and scale mid-to large-size deployments a breeze. Whether it is a single building or support for thousands of employees in a multi-region, multi-server system, Access It! delivers a level of scalability and customization that enables customers to select the features they need to build a comprehensive, cost-effective design. 

Discover the difference of our out-of-the-box innovation with Access It! Universal version 8.2 now available.