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The all-inclusive access control subscription

October 5, 2022

Access control comes in many shapes and sizes. Clients often choose between on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid-cloud approach. Beyond the infrastructure design, solutions vary based on the facility size, usage requirements, environment types, occupancy, and much more. Customers can range from mom-and-pop businesses to startups or scaled global enterprises in size.

Your finance options should scale with your business when financing your access control solution. ACRE’s access control subscription solution is powered by the Access It! product and is packed with features and benefits for the dealer and end-user alike.

Benefits of Subscribing

Not only will you get a robust access control solution to keep your people, assets, and facilities secure, with Access It! Subscription, you unlock many benefits beyond security that substantially increase return on investment for your organization.

All-Inclusive Pricing

  • Enjoy predictive budgeting, lower upfront costs, and licensing flexibility over the life of your system.

Upgrade Anytime

  • Stay up to date with version upgrades and stay ahead with early access to new features.

Uncompromised Support

  • Dedicated technical support teams are available for remote dealer assistance and dealer & end-user chat.

OpEx Freedom

  • Spread your licensing and support costs over the system’s life (your finance team will love this!)

Go Mobile

  • Today’s teams work on the go. ACRE’s ACT Mobile Service gives you maximum remote control of your security operations.

Subscription Types

Access It! Subscription offers Access It! customers a low-cost, fully loaded, no-hassle subscription-based licensing program. Access It! Subscription allows customers to stay current with the latest upgrades, enjoy a higher level of customer support, leverage cyber security & health monitoring services, and deploy custom mobile services, all while stabilizing budget requirements using an OpEx purchasing model.

The Access It! Subscription comes in two power-packed package options.

Access It! Subscription

This powerful subscription package includes a whole host of features that will simplify your access control system management and provide peace of mind 24/7.

Included with the Subscription:

  • Software Upgrades
  • Software Support for One Version Behind Current
  • Dealer Phone Support
  • Knowledge Base Access
  • Access to On-Line Training
  • Dealer Email Support
  • Dealer and End-User Chat Support
  • Emergency After-Hours Support
  • Custom End-User Training (1 two-hour session)
  • Razberi Health Monitor Services

Access It! Enhanced Subscription

The enhanced subscription package provides everything you need to succeed. Packed with additional support features, our enhanced subscription gives your team more tools to provide end-user support and an improved client experience.

Included with the Enhanced Subscription:

  • All Subscription Tier Support
  • Certified End-User Phone Support
  • Additional Client Seats (2)
  • ACT Mobile Command and Control Admin License (1)

We designed our subscription solutions alongside customers just like you. The features and benefits are built to provide the best return on investment while securing your people, assets, and facilities. Reach out to our sales team today to get started with your Access It! Subscription.