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Access It! 9.2 is Now Available!

June 23, 2022

The latest version of Access It!, version 9.2, is commercially available as of today and is packed full of powerful, in demand new features designed to streamline operations and increase user efficiency. Some of the more prominent features include:

Global Access Levels – With Access It! 9.2, system administrators can create and assign Access Level Groups.  Access Level Groups are logical groupings of Access Levels that can span multiple sites.  This allows operators to assign a cardholder or card access to multiple sites using a single Access Level Group… Ideal functionality for large multi-site deployments.

Graphical Maps Support in the Access It! Web Client – Complete runtime graphical map support is now supported in the web client. Customers monitoring alarm activity from the web client can now view graphical maps, monitor real time alerts on the map, control hardware devices, and respond to alarm activity directly from map icons.   

Webhooks – Access It! 9.2 supports webhooks, allowing system administrators to program filters via the Access It! API. When an event occurs that meets the programmed criteria (such as Cardholder ID, Card ID, Reader, or any combination), a callback can be sent to a configured address… Allowing customers to customize the types of events to be sent without having to manually parse all event data. 

Other notable functionality available with Access It! 9.2 include the Ability to End a Client Session to force a log out of a system operator on a client workstation, Enhanced API Messaging for improved error messages, New Task Search Bar to speed up searching, and the ability to set Repeating Pulse for Tasks that allows system administrators to configure a task to pulse for a defined number of seconds and define the number of times the pulse will repeat.

For a complete list of new functionality available in Access It! 9.2, please refer to the Release Notes.  For additional questions or interest in upgrading, please contact your Regional Sales Manager.