Ethos Readers.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple technologies in a single reader: Proximity, Smart, NFC & BLE
  • OSDP Autodetect℗
  • OSDP Secure Channel and remote firmware upgradability
  • MIFARE DESFire® EV1 & EV2 support
  • LEAF credential support for secure, open, interoperability
  • FSK and ASK legacy proximity credentials support for seamless transitions
  • Accelerometer-based tamper detection
  • Tri-state LED light bar (red, green, amber) and audible buzzer
  • Accommodates indoor, outdoor installation environments

Product Description

WaveLynx Technologies’ Ethos™ line of multi-technology contactless access control readers offers a modern aesthetic and a state-of-the-art feature set. Standard technologies include Proximity (125 kHz), Smart (13.56 MHz), NFC, and Bluetooth®, so that customers can set their migration path to secure credentials and security ecosystems. All Ethos readers are fully OSDP™ compliant and currently enabled for Secure Channel and remote firmware upgrades. Additionally, Ethos™ readers offer a unique patented feature called OSDP Autodetect. They communicate with OSDP over the same Wiegand wires to automatically detect and convert to OSDP secure channel protocol when the panel is upgraded, eliminating the need to rewire or reconfigure the reader.

Also available as PIV Readers

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