Features & Benefits

Computer-managed through the RS2 software that permits:

  • The solving of key management problems in real-time with a simple mouse click.
  • SALLIS escutcheons receive the cancelling information over the air and remove cancelled keys from the system in real-time.
  • Receive audit trail information in real-time and view door access without having to visit the door.
  • Real-time door control: remote door opening, door alarm, intrusion alarm, single Lockdown.
  • Real-time battery control enables maintenance to view escutcheon power status in real-time.
  • Perform changes on the door as if it was one of your wired readers.
  • Highly secured, meets RF IEEE 802.15.4 at 2,4Ghz Standard and is AES 128Bit encrypted.
  • No SALTO SW required (except for the setup SW that can be removed afterwards).
  • The SALLIS escutcheons continue to operate off-line with 2 customizable behaviors if the network crashes, enabling users to access the building normally (based on audit trail or emergency codes).

Product Description

SALLIS is a new technology that enables you to link your Access It! Universal system to the SALTO SALLIS wireless platform through your company´s access control panel or door controllers.

It provides access capabilities to virtually any kind of door without the need for any complex wiring, just through a simple integration.

No SALTO software is required for management of the SALLIS locks, except for the simple setup software that can be removed afterward. With the SALLIS battery operated wireless lock system, you can experience real time access control solutions without the need for wiring.

SALLIS is completely integrated with Access It! Universal platform, making it easy to customize to your exact needs, even in existing projects that are already running with your system.

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