Features & Benefits

The heart of Aperio is a short-distance, wireless communication protocol, designed to link an online electronic access system with an Aperio enabled mechanical lock.

Any number of existing doors can be equipped with Aperio, and at a much lower cost than installing the regular electronic access system on every door.

Aperio is easily integrated with most units and systems, regardless of the manufacturer, since it has been developed around an open standard.

Expanding your system by adding Aperio technology on additional doors increases the total security level of the premises. It is easy to install and enhances both the management and surveillance of the complete system. It also provides an intermediate level of security between wired doors and mechanical cylinders.

With all doors linked online, authorization is updated in real time, providing a high level of control. The possibility to audit trail and time zone increases monitoring of the system.

Aperio technology fits perfectly into a system with wired doors, but it is also designed for future security demands, e.g., it uses AES encryption via a wireless connection.

Product Description

Aperio is a new technology developed to complement Access It! Universal access control, providing end-users with a simple, intelligent way to upgrade the controllability and security level of their premises.

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