AD Series Locks.

Features & Benefits


• Electronic access control brings more visibility and control to the opening

• Modular design allows reader upgrade to fit changing credential needs without changing the lock

• Real-time communication with centralized lockdown capability

• Unique communication protocols that has a longer range and won’t interfere with other wireless networks

• Secure encrypted data transmission

• Weather-resistant for interior and perimeter applications


• Open architecture platform is compatible with most major access control systems

• Flexible connectivity options to fit building infrastructure


• Integrated design combines electrified lock, credential reader, request-to-exit and request-to-enter sensors, door position switch and tamper switch

• Smart credentials can be used for vending and other applications

• Non-invasive installation

Product Description

AD Series locks were designed to be adaptable, allowing upgrades to be made to new technologies without taking the lock off the door. They integrate into popular electronic access control systems from Software Alliance Members to deliver a comprehensive EAC solution

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