nano iXT.

Features & Benefits

  • Required EIS. Works alongside all NXT EXT products
  • Large 5″ touch-screen LCD display
  • Facial image capture
  • Image capture range: 14″” – 18″ (35 – 45 cm)
  • Build-in keypad via touchscreen
  • Visual & audible user instructions
  • Multi-factor: support Iris, card + Iris, PIN + Iris
  • 10,000 users stored per device
  • Access control system integration
  • Realtime face-display based positioning
  • Automatic Iris capture
  • Automatic camera tilt (height adjustment)
  • Meets ISO Iris image specifications
  • Matching speeds under two seconds
  • Multiple language support (English, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional)
  • SDK available
  • Small footprint and lightweight

Product Description

The Most ADVANCED Indoor Iris Identity Authentication Solution!

nano iXT® is the latest indoor iris authentication reader designed for the access control industry from EyeLock. nano iXT® raises the bar with it’s large LCD touch screen, dual auto-tilt cameras for face and iris, built-in proximity card reader, verbal and visual user guidance and multi-language support. With a small footprint packed with todays most powerful features, the nano iXT® expands the market for biometric device usage.

Need to take the temperatures of your employees during this pandemic? EyeLock recently released the iTemp® add-on temperature screening module for the nano iXT iris system. iTemp® is an infrared thermal sensor that reads a subjects temperature at the same time their irises are being authenticated. With iTemp, there is no need to move to a seperate device for a temperature check. The technology at the center of iTemp is a highly accurate FLIR Lepton® LWIR sensor. This is the same technology that is present in most of the hand-held IR temperature measurement devices on the market today. The FDA has publicly stated that one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19, SARS and MERS and is fever. iTemp gives businesses a very affordable and easily deployable tool to help them increase the safety of their workplace while providing the highest biometric identity accuracy for access control.


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