Features & Benefits

  • Hand-held operation
  • Simple connection to PC via USB
  • Easy iris capture for enrollment or authentication
  • Secure communication and encryption (AES 256)

Product Description

myris® is a USB powered Iris Identity Authenticator™ that uses patented technology to convert individual iris characteristics to a unique code. myris provides unparalleled security, is portable, light-weight and is as easy as looking in a mirror.

Use myris to quickly and easily enroll users for EyeLock’s access control products or to grant users access to corporate domain environments within seconds – users never have to type their username and password again. On the back end – administrators can set passwords as complex as they like and once myris is linked, they can forget them.

Use myris for enrollment, directory authentication or to secure workstations, high-value transactions, critical databased and information systems for enterprises large and small.

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