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10/3/2017 - RS2 Technologies Announces New Generation of Controllers and I/O Modules
Munster, IN - RS2 Technologies, LLC, a leading provider of access control systems, today announced the introduction of its new Series 3 family of System Control Processors and I/O Modules, which RS2 says will include “a significant number of new features and enhanced capabilities.” The company demonstrated the new hardware last week at its booth at the 63rd Annual ASIS International Show in Dallas.

According to RS2 Director of Dealer Development David Barnard, the new controllers and peripherals “represent an entirely new generation of RS2 access control hardware. The list of new features and capabilities is a long one.” For example, the new I/O modules will have full OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) support, including:

  • An OSDP secure channel
  • OSDP biometrics
  • OSDP pass-through (i.e., manufacturer-specific commands via OSDP)
  • OSDP file transfer
  • I/O OSDP reader support
  • FICAM application support

Barnard also pointed out that the new units also have enhanced cyber security features, including a SAM chip, default RS485 encryption (MSP1) and AES256 encryption. The new controllers and modules have identical footprints as existing Series 2 modules to allow for seamless migration and upgrades. They are backwards compatible with Series 1 and Series 2 deployments on EP controllers. Series 1, 2 and 3 controllers can be mixed on the same RS-485 bus. The new Series 3 SIOs are supported on all Series 1 and 2 SCP controllers.

Barnard pointed out that Series 2 controllers will only be available through approximately April-May of 2018. The company will start stocking the new Series 3 units next month and expects that by May of 2018, it will only be receiving the new units. He cautioned RS2 dealers that “when the company’s inventory of old (Series 2) boards is depleted, there will be no additional shipments."

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