RS2 Technologies is a leading manufacturer of access control software. The Access It! suite of software is where security professionals turn when they need an effective and reliable access control solution. Contact us to learn more about what the Access It! solution can do for you.

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RS2 provides the most powerful access control solution on the market. By combining an intuitive user interface, advanced feature sets, high-security integrations, and a user first approach RS2 is able to deliver a solution right for you.

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RS2 provides platforms that work for you by providing a logical and intuitive user interface. RS2 is adaptable, practical, convenient, and easy to understand. Spend more time focusing on the tasks that need attention and less time focusing on access control by using a solution that works.

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RS2 harnesses the power of the Mercury hardware platform. In addition to being the most secure, feature-rich solution on the market, Mercury hardware is an open platform. This keeps costs down while giving you the freedom to expand and add new features to meet your needs.

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Advanced Reporting

RS2 provides a sophisticated reporting system in all versions of software. Access It! Universal.NET features over 100 different reports that can be used to track and analyze every event in your access control system.

Badge designer

The badge designer is a complete option for designing and printing badges. Create beautiful custom layouts in the badge designer that is both simple to use while remaining customizable to meet the needs of the organization.


Access It! Universal.NET features integrations to state of the art biometric verification devices. From fingerprints to facial recognition Access It! Universal.NET provides high security biometric verification platforms for an additional level of high tech protection.

Data exchange

The data exchange package allows for the real time movement of records from a multitude of data platforms. The data exchange package can allow for data transfer from Active Directory, SQL Server, Excel, or CSV files and can be scheduled for automatic execution for a centralized data control.


Access It! Universal.NET integrates to over a dozen of the leading DVR/NVR solutions on the market. Have instant access to review video of the days events or see system alarms as they happen in real-time. Get the full picture in an instant.

Ease of use

Access It! Universal.NET contains a complete feature set organized with the user in mind. Clear, concise, and easy use coupled with advanced options provide a solution that is capable of operating anything from a single door to a truly enterprise level organization spanning the entire globe.


RS2 Technologies provides a level of support unparalleled in the access control industry. With a knowledgeable staff and leading response time RS2 support sets the standard for support in today’s access control market.

Web client

The web client option provides an alternative to the traditional application and allows access to the system using a browser. This solution is ideal for monitoring and controlling the system from remote locations or mobile.