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Access It!® Lite.NETTM Screens

The operation of Access It!® Lite.NETTM is simplified by its easy-to-use screens, which include:

  • Opening Screen – Provides quick, easy log-in
  • System Information Screen – Gives the user a “snapshot” of the entire system. At a glance, users can see system statistics (such as active cards and active doors), system warnings (such as unsecured doors and pending alarms), and scheduled events (such as card activations and de-activations).
  • Configuration Screen – Quick, easy card configuration
  • Cards Screen – Lists all card numbers and names of cardholders
  • Doors Screen – Lists all doors and their status
  • Alarms Screen – Shows the location and status of all alarms
  • Bulk Card Add Screen – Allows the user to add multiple cards
  • Import Card Data Screen – Allows the user to import card data from sources such as Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL Server, or text files

System Information Screen


Cards Screen



Doors Screen